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Unofficial blog of Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) that he uses to address the blogging community on the issues of Network Neutrality.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Daily Show

I would like to thank The Daily Show for explaining my views to the nation on Network Neutrality. Unfortunately I am unable to watch the video because my tubes are clogged with internets.

If your tubes can handle it, you can view the Daily Show segment here.

Remember, you can always send me an internet atseriesoftubes@gmail.com with your explanation or picture of how the internet works, and I'll post it on my blogs.

Senator Ted Stevens


  • At January 10, 2007 2:43 PM, Blogger kanamaru said…

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    In Japan from Aug 27, 2006 I'm posting my SOS letter to politicians' homes by my bicycle, not through post office. By Dec 12, 2006, I went to 131 politicians' homes. (No one contact me.)
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    Before Nov 6, 2006 evening I didn't know Ms Charmine Koda 幸田シャーミン got to be UNIC Tokyo Director in 2005. But I knew She was a famous news announcer and defeated Diet candidate.
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    From Oct 25, 2006 I'm posting my SOS letter to also foreign media's Tokyo offices like UPI, CNN and South Korea's KBS and Korea Federation of Companies in Japan (KOFEC) and American state Tokyo offices by my bicycle, not through Japan's post office.
    I hope foreign agencies inform my message to their embassies for their brave justice and kindness. I believe them more than Japanese politicians. But they also are mind-controlled by Toshiba Corp in Japan ?

    Couldn't my letter reach him under the Toshiba Corp's mind-control interruption ? On Dec 15, 2006 I sent my letter to American Ambassador Thomas Schieffer through Japan's post office. Because I knew I can't reach American Embassy in Tokyo for the Japanese security police.

    I need to be a refugee from Japan to America, South Korea, France, Germany or a humanist country. Because I have been a Mind-Control Victim by Toshiba Corp since 1997 in my unconsciousness and since Dec 1, 1999 in my consciousness and I have asked Japanese Government persons to help since Mar 2003.

    - My important thing ; On Sep 21, 2006 I found book "図解 洗脳撃退マニュアル" (1995) at a secondhand book shop.
    On the book medical Dr Shingo Takahashi 高橋紳吾, an assistant professor of the Medical Department of Toho University 東邦大学医学部 and specialist of psychiatry, simply says microwave can mind-control and abuse people. -

    The crazy Toshiba-Ogikai 東芝扇会 leaders, Tomohiro Takahashi 高橋智宏 (Toshiba General Affairs RMG 東芝総務RMG (in Jan 2000)), Shigeru Ootsuka 大塚茂 (Toshiba General Affairs Div 東芝総務 (in Jan 2000)), Kiichi Ogata オガタキイチ (Toshiba IEG Div 東芝IEG (in Jan 2000)) and Toshihiro Sawaoka 澤岡俊宏 (DVD Sales Sect of Toshiba IEG Div 東芝IEG・DVD商 (in Jan 2000)), are there. Their crazy Toshiba group interrupts me harder everyday since Dec 1, 1999 because I only called Toshiba Corp fool on a day in Apr 1999. They watch me now.
    Toshiba Corp and Nishida Atsutoshi 西田厚聡, the Toshiba-Ogikai 東芝扇会 leader, will label me 'neurotic' the last. Nishida's Toshiba is crazier than ever.

    On Nov 15, 2006 I found the Yumi Shigemitsu - Toshiba trial case, http://homepage2.nifty.com/tsbrousai/ and http://kaitsbrousai.web.fc2.com. I watched the news without her name on newspaper before.
    Ms Yumi Shigemitsu 重光由美 says she, Toshiba (R&D?) employee in Toshiba Fukaya Factory 東芝深谷工場, got to be a depressive and went to a mental hospital from Apr 2001.
    She says her co-workers "O" and "K" committed suiside on Jul 7, 2001 and on a day of Dec 2001.
    Toshiba Corp really killed them as the mind-control terrorism before me ?
    And she said Toshiba (Labor) Union didn't support her like Toshiba Corp's side against humanity therefore she asked Women's Union Tokyo 女性ユニオン東京 to help. She also means Toshiba (Labor) Union is the same as Toshiba Group General Affairs Divisions or Toshiba-Ogikai 東芝扇会.

    Rogues Toshiba Corp and North Korea administration should die together, therefore the best scenario to the World Peace is that the both war.
    American people should recall and care Toshiba President Atsutoshi Nishida 西田厚聡 has an Iranian wife for Toshiba's Iran business. Naturally, Toshiba Corp can have supported Iran for Iranian nuke using many dummies.

    Greatly, President Bush changed Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Mr Donald Rumsfeld, Chairman of General Instrument Corp, selected Toshiba Corp for America's ATSC system against US National Security.
    And I really hope new Secretary of Defense (Robert Gates) hates Toshiba Corp, the World No. 1 terrorist for money. 3 Toshiba Corp's core business are all theft - important NAND Flash memory patent from Lexar Media Inc (USA), important SED TV patent from Nano-Proprietary Inc (USA) and maybe important Nuclear power system patent (for new ABWR AB1600) from General Electric Co (USA).

    - I really want strong US Rep Duncan Hunter, US Sen Richard Shelby, Mr Richard Perle, Mr William Triplett and American agency to help me. I really want to be a refugee from Japan to America. I will go to Washington DC in Apr 2007. I always thank you for your brave justice and kindness. -

    by Seitaro Kanamaru 金丸征太郎, a Japanese
    I am a Mind-Control Victim by Toshiba Corp since 1997.
    (My face is at http://www.discussanything.com/forums/showthread.php?p=838876.)
    * My site in Japanese

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